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Copper core copper net braided shield layer control cable RVVPS signal cable

导体材质Conductor material CU
导体材质Conductor material
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Basic Information:

RVVP is polyvinyl chloride insulated sheath shielding cord series. RVVP is a soft conductor PVC insulated wire with a shielding layer and PVC sheath cable. Copper core PVC insulated and shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as electrical connection anti-interference flexible cable, rated voltage 300/300V, the number of common cores is 2-24 core, common core diameter :0.12 square, 0.2 square, 0.3 square, 0.4 square, 0.5 square, 0.75 square,1.0 square, 1.5 square and so on
Product Introduction:
1. RVVP implements standard JB/T8734.5-2012
2, PVC insulation
3. PVC sheath
4. Conductor is twisted by multi-core annealed bare copper
5. More than two cores are twisted into a cable
6. Aluminum foil shielding after cable completion
7, tinned copper wire braided shielding network
8. Rated voltage is 300/300V
9, the normal working temperature does not exceed 70℃
10, product CCC certification
Application scope:
It is suitable for communication, audio, broadcasting, sound system, anti-theft alarm system, intelligent automation system, automatic meter reading system, fire protection system, etc., which need anti-interference line connection, efficient and safe data transmission cable